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Operation Vandergrift Security Patrol

Image of Operation Vandergrift Security Patrol

Mission: June 4th 1968, the morning security patrol. 3rd squad’s NCO and the Platoon Commander spent last night planning the route. On this patrol three of the POIs will be searched for enemy activity before combing the river banks for signs of enemy movement, this route will head south arcing round to the east before heading north along the river and back towards the station. Waypoints have been marked and will be used as both navigation points and objective areas. Click on sign up for full briefing.

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Operation Convoy Drama

Image of Operation Convoy Drama

We're the bad guys, as in real bad. There is a US convoy coming through the town, we're going to stop them. Through any means necessary, be it blow them up, shoot them or otherwise, make them pay.

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Operation Snipefish

Image of Operation Snipefish

In 2020 the world saw a miraculous change in political tensions following the “Bering Strait” incident. The USS Gerald R Ford and its escort ships were heavily damaged in the first attempt by a main force fleet to navigate the arctic. With the fleet flag ship on the verge of sinking, a general SOS was broadcast. The only ships for 300 miles were part of a Chinese/Russian joint exercise and, in an unexpected turn, immediately vectored north. Using the emergency diplomatic line set up between Washington and Moscow in 2014 the Russian and Chinese vessels were allowed access to the US fleet with some of the most courageous seamanship seen in recent years; all three nations battled for six hours to save lives and ships. The Gerald R Ford was scuttled with only the loss of 23 of her crew yet the combined efforts of all remaining vessels meant that no other ships were lost with four US ships being towed to Ports in Alaska by Russian and Chinese ships. At an emergency UN security council meeting all member states were unanimous in their praising of all nations and personal involved in the incident, using it as a stepping stone for future co-operation. The US pulled its opposition to the Syrian Regime with the Russians and Chinese cutting all existing ties with North Korea forcing them to the negotiating table. With the cooling of tensions across the globe most nations were able to turn their attention back to counter terror operations.

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About Iron-Fists

Iron-Fists is a UK based clan that takes a semi-professional approach to operations. We like a challenge, often playing way out-numbered and out-gunned. We use ACE3, 3CB, RHS, CUP Maps and TFAR. We run three members nights a week and two public servers.

Weekly Member Events

All events start at 9pm UK Time we ask you try and be present at 8:30.

Leadership Structure

We run a three man command for day to day running:

All Major Decisions are put to a squad vote. All members are listened to rank is only used for tie breakers and mission command structure.


Promotions are given for dedication and squad work. Awards are given for completing training courses and actions.


We ask that you are:


Come say hi on Team Speak.

INF_Mike64 - Committee Member

Becoming A Member

Try as we might, a small paragraph isn't going get you hooked. So we recommend joining one of our public servers and have a chat with us over Teamspeak. If you like what you have experienced then joining is as easy as.

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    Register on our Forums.
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    Fill in a Members Form.
    (no essay required)
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    We will get back to you!



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Task Force radio Enhanced Moment CBA3 Advanced Button Mod

Members Only

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CBA3 ACE3 ACE3 Compat RHS AFRF ACE3 Compat RHS USAF ACE3 Compat RHS GREF Task Force radio RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF 3CB BAF Wepons 3CB BAF Units 3CB BAF Equipment 3CB BAF Vehicles CUP Terrain Core CUP Terrain Maps Enhanced Moment Project OPFOR


Advanced Button Mod Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion ZEC ZECCUP

Public Server Rules

These are our rules and guidlines for all our public servers. Our servers are a place to have fun & achieve great teamwork and to do that we need responsible` players.

If your found breaking the above, you will be kicked off the server. Repeated offences will result in a ban.

For ease of communication please speak english in the presence of INF Members!

We hope our servers deliver the experience you are looking for, any suggestions to make our servers more enjoyable for you just leave a post and we will take it seriously.

Play Fair and with Honour!

Messages from Command

Welcome to the home of the Iron Fists clan. This is a brief description of our history and future goals. Iron Fists was formed on the 1st of July 1999. Being a member is at the very least a symbol of a quality player. We are all striving to make INF one of the best squad's around and things are going very well due to the excellent amount of hard work the squad continuously puts in. The long-term goals of INF are to constantly excel on the battlefield, build up our strength and resources and show people that we are as serious and solid as our name stands for. As time passes us by, it is important that we stay recognized as a squad that is organized and dangerous, yet one that puts friendship and fun at it’s heart.

INF_<DAVO> – Squad Founder

INF goes through many changes to ensure and to maintain the highest quality in teamwork, skill, dedication and friendship. Every member, new and old, helps each other to achieve their best, whether it is on the battlefield or just communicating with other squads. INF keeps at ALL times; the up most respect to fellow players and squads, and we are professional to the very end.

INF_H@wKEYE – Squad CO



H@wKEYEGen1IC/Alpha LeadSquad Commander1999
MearcatSSgt3IC/Alpha 2Medic2013
MaddogPvt1CAlpha 3MG2014
PezzaRctAlpha 4MG/AT2017


RhysFSgt2IC/Bravo LeadSquad Leader2011
Mike64MSgtCommittee Member/Bravo 2Marksman2010
Whitphos81MSgtBravo 3MG/AT2005
KablePvt1CBravo 5MG/Rifleman2015
BangieSgtBravo 6Medic2015
KnightPvtBravo 4Rifleman2018

This Months Donators

Thank you for your support to keep us going strong.